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The Nursery facility in total is managed by Casey together with Kirsten assisting with administration. All the staff undergo continuous online training as well as targetted courses (often at weekends) as well as taking part in "after nursery" staff meetings and planning meetings on Thursdays.  Their professional commitment should be recognised as it underpins the quality of our care.  

Staff prepare individual plans for their children that form the basis of individual tracked assessments. This planning supplements "in the moment" activities and is drawn from annual schemes developed each month in planning meetings, posted to parents and resourced.  The quality of such activities is a major strength of this nursery. 

This structure is then embedded into weekly room rotas that overlay staff hours. Staff hours are directly related to childrens times. The room rotas are the master timetable that manage cleaning and childrens activities within the snacks and meals pattern of each day.  Our aim to create a busy learning environment and was acknowledged by Ofsted to be of a bench mark level. Each day one of the rooms will post on the Secure Facebook page although all rooms actively report to parents online using Tapestry. Each child's profile is developed with online monthly reports placed on Tapestry. The monthly newsletter adds another layer of information (that includes events such as the photographer, parents meetings etc).

As our children move through the nursery we must prepare parents and children for room transitions. This is not a small task and it has to be done with love and care. 











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